Tuesday, April 20, 2010
That's what I'm gonna dooooo....

So here I am with this blog and the reason for it is to help break up my writers block by writing. lol

I wanted to spend a little more time letting any interested know more about me and what I hope to accomplish with this blog. First of all I don't consider myself old in the least, but many who may travel through here may think so. I am in my early 40's, but I never think of myself as that old, and I definitely do not write like I am that old.

The stories I write are about gay, or bi young men, teens, twinks, boys and their interactions with the lives I dream up in my head. I have a vivid imagination that can make a male with homosexual leanings hard and horny, including myself. I write for others enjoyment as well as my own. The genre I write in is definitely gay, but branches out into many sub genres. I write what I like to read and that includes young gay, high school friends, and yes even adult-youth fantasy. I don't like to read or write bondage, bestiality, skat or water games. Some may not care for what I write and think me a perv. Well I guess I am somewhat of a perv, but a perv in my mind and not in my actions. What that means is all holds are barred when it comes to my imagination, but I will not act on them. Now this is my blog, and it will contain my thoughts, which may be perverted, sick shit to some. I welcome you to the gutter I call my mind. If you don't like it please leave.

I am a voracious reader and have read MANY things in books and online. Here I will generally stick to the homosexual theme, but I have read a lot more. I like to troll blogs, not to stalk, but to view and share thoughts with males. I do not have an age restriction and if you are posting online you shouldn't either.

Some may ask my orientation and I will tell you here that my orientation is sexual. In real life and in my interactions in the real world I am straight, but that just is not an accurate representation of what I really am. I am what I have jokingly called trisexual (I'll try anything). This is a very true and honest representation of my orientation, so please allow me to be me without judgment or attempts to change me and I will do the same for you.

You may notice I spoke of my orientation and it is just that. It is not me I am me and my actions define me not my sexual orientation. It is a pitfall I see with many people, especially young people, not to single young people out, but it tends to be where I notice it more. In introductions and descriptions of themselves the wording goes. I am J and I am gay, or bi, or straight. Then they go on to describe themselves. A person is a person and sexual orientation is only one part of the whole, not the whole.

Hi I am Jack and I am a nice guy that is friendly and helpful. I will be there to listen and help. I also write, read, and ramble. Pleased to meet you!


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I write stuff that leans, and sometimes downright falls, on the gay side, so if this isn’t your game then leave! If it is sit back and enjoy my ramblings as I to sort out stories and generally vomit what sick shit forms in my depraved mind.
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