Summer of ‘82

My name is Jack and this is a story from the summer of ’82. I turned thirteen that summer. I was finally a teenager! Man did I ever have a growth spurt that year. I grew three inches in a couple of months. That summer I was five foot, ten inches tall and thin, but starting to get some muscle definition. I was leaving that baby fat, soft looking stage behind me and fast! The best part was down below. I grew a lot there that year and had a small start on some pubes. The only other hair I had was on my head, which was fine with me because I didn’t care for hairy guys. I was proud of my light brown hair that I kept long and wavy like we did in the eighties.

I remember that summer really well. My buddy Dave and I spent three weeks at my families’ lake property. Dave is a year older than I am and we have been best friends since we were in diapers. That summer was special in many ways more than just me turning thirteen.

Dave was just a little taller than me and had more muscle mass. He was a grade ahead of me and he had started to lift weights for wrestling. His hair was darker colored and he kept it long and shaggy, not quaffed like mine. Did I mention Dave was hot! I had a crush on him, but was terrified to share it. He was my best friend first, but I also felt stirrings for him that were confusing and scary. I didn’t want to do something stupid and scare away the best thing in my life. If it weren’t for him my parent’s separation and divorce would have killed me. He helped me pick up the pieces of my heart and put them back together again.

My grandparents lived at the lake during the summer in the house, but my family had a small single room cabin on the property right next to the house that we could use for weekends and to stay out of my grandparents hair. That year was the first summer that I came to visit with a friend that we were allowed to stay in the cabin by ourselves instead of upstairs at my grandparents house. We were stoked about that. Finally we were considered old enough to stay in our own place.

The cabin was real small, just big enough for a double bed that my parents used to use, a small dining area, and a wood stove. There was also a small loft built above the rafters where my bed was. It was big enough for me and a friend to sleep in, but just. You couldn’t stand in it and had to crawl to get around the small area. It was more like a big bunk bed built between the rafters and the roof than an actual loft.

We got to use the lower living area because my dad was stuck at home working while I was stuck at the lake with my best friend, being forced to swim, sail, and water ski. It was rough, but we were tough boys and could handle it.

My dad had driven us up to the lake to drop us off and we got there in the early afternoon. He had to get back to work, but he did help us open the cabin and get it set up for summer. It was hot work and we all had our shirts off while we unsealed the windows, cleaned out the worst of the dust accumulated since last summer and set up the outside table and lounge chairs. Dave had a nice sheen of sweat that made him glisten and made me have to adjust myself several times without him noticing. It was hard in more ways than one.

Grandma came over with iced tea for us as we were finishing up. Each one of us got a big grandma hug, even Dave. She was great and had always been there for me, especially during the divorce. My dad tried to be there for me too, but he was bitter and put my mom down all the time, which tore me up more than he ever knew. Grandma on the other hand never said anything bad about my mom, even though she was my dad’s mom and you would think she would be on his side. She wasn’t on either one’s side, she was on my side and I loved her for it. I think that was part of why Dave and I had the cabin to ourselves that summer. It was because she realized I needed to grow a little in a safe place with a great friend and she wanted to make that happen. She and grandpa would be there to feed us and love us, but we were allowed a freedom up there that I had never had before.

After dad left Dave and I smiled at each other and ran into the cabin to change. The lake was calling us and we had to go get reacquainted. We had grown up together and so normally stripping was a not an issue between us. Dave was stripped before he had even gotten his swim trunks out of his bag. He was gorgeous in all his glory, smooth other than the hair on his head, small tufts under his arms and at the base of his tool. His sexy long and thick, to me tool. Like I said normally not a problem, but this time I was rock hard and didn’t want him to see me that way after seeing him naked. I felt like he would hate me and I just couldn’t have that, so I slowed way down and started picking through my bag, looking for my trunks.

Dave had his back to me while he was rummaging through his bag. I think he sensed I wasn’t moving and turned his head and looked back at me and said, “hey dude, what’s taking you so long? The lake is calling!”

I just turned red and thought I was going to die! He noticed and stopped what he was doing amd turned to face me still naked, but with his head tilted in that thoughtful questioning way he had and that I had seen so much of over the last year of hell I went through.

“What’s wrong Jack?” He asked me quietly as his eyes bored into me trying to figure out why I went from excited to freaked in less than three seconds.

I just shook my head, fidgeted with my bag and said, “Nothing man, just looking for my trunks.”

He kept looking at me and then I think he noticed my raging hard on. Without skipping a beat he ignored it and turned around to his bag I saw him fidgeting with the bag in front of him. He stopped what he was doing and said as he turned back to me.

“Dude, I think the mountain air makes a guy horny.”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head. He was rock hard and waving it around.

He took an obvious look at my junk, chuckled and said, “I see it gets to you too! Good thing it’s just us guys here and your grandma isn’t around.”

He did it again, just like he always did with me. He diffused my worries and made me feel like a normal kid. Looking back, I love him for that ease he had with me.

I laughed a little nervously and said, “Yeah, good thing!”

It took me no time to strip down and show my junk, then start looking for my trunks too.

He got a shit eating grin on his face and said, “Nice Johnson Jack. You’ve grown a lot since last time I saw you.”

I must have turned three shades of red before I grinned and told him, “Yeah, you too!”

We found our trunks, pulled them on fast and grabbed our towels. The race was on! We flew out the door and I don’t think our feet hit the ground all the way to the lake. The only thing that slowed us down was taking off our shoes before we hit the dock and ran to the end to jump in. I’m pretty sure we tied, but didn’t really care as I was trying my best to catch my breath and get my balls to drop down from my throat. Dave was having the same issues. We forgot how cool the mountain lake was year round.

We were down at the lake for less than an hour before grandma came down to the dock. She had something in her hands and was shaking her head tut-tutting us with a smile when she got to the lake.

“I bet you two boys forgot something before you ran down here didn’t you?”

Dave and I looked at each other and searched our memories, didn’t find anything and shrugged.

She showed us what she had in her hands and it dawned on us at the same time.

There was a chorus of, “Ahhh, do we have too?”

Grandma just rolled her eyes, put the bottle down and said, “No, you don’t have too, but don’t come crying to me tonight all lobster red and expect any sympathy.”

With that she left, making her way back up to the house. She knew how to get teen boys to do things, by not demanding and ordering but with cool logic and expectation of them figure it out for themselves. She was sneaky that way.

We got out and dried, then put the lotion on. It was great because I got to put it on his back and shoulders. I took my time touching and rubbing him, which got me all hot and bothered again. If he noticed he didn’t say anything, but I noticed he took his time putting it on my back too.

After we were all covered, we laid out on our towels to warm up in the sun. It was wonderfully relaxing just laying there listening to the waves lap at the dock, talking about what we were going to do that summer and just being buds.

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