Friday, April 23, 2010
I will be going camping this weekend, so I won't be able to get as much done on my story as I was hoping. Maybe Sunday afternoon/night I will get the next chapter done. I know it is knocking around in my head wanting to get out.

This last week has been a good one here in the blog world. I have been exploring various blogs and have met some great people, adult and young, mostly gay, bi, questioning, or like me trysexual (try just about anything to get your rocks off). It has been great seeing them through their own eyes. A lot of writers and potential writers. Go figure finding that in a community of bloggers.

Anyway if you are reading this, and I see I have two followers now (sweet!), then have a great weekend.

-- Jack


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your camping. Looking forward to the next installment.

Octavius said...

I will, and I hope you do the same.


Rob said...


w00t w00t

Havn't read your blog yet >.> I'm tired and going to bed. Will read when I get a day off. Until we meet again ;p

Hugs, Rob

Anonymous said...

Oh god no. It looks as if you may have gone away for a camping weekend. And followed the wrong road. Like they do is so many American Horror movies and Hey guess what could it be you camped on the Land owned by the incest loving cannibal family IAMAGONNAYGETYEA >
Because yea never came back
Eddie xxx

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